What is Web Marketing?How to start web marketing

If operated correctly, “Web marketing” is cost-effective and has great benefits.

What should we really start with to tackle web marketing?

Therefore, in this article, I will explain in detail the basic knowledge about web marketing and the work contents and measures of web marketers.

If you are thinking of working on web marketing from now on, please refer to it.

What is Web Marketing?

Web marketing is an activity that attracts customers on the Web and promotes the purchase and contract of products and services.

The strength of web marketing is that you can check the status of attracting customers and the status of page browsing with data. Based on the results, the key to success is to make highly accurate improvements as needed.

Web marketing work content

When it comes to web marketing, don’t you find it difficult to get an idea of what you actually do? Let’s take a closer look at the work content of web marketing, starting with the method of attracting customers.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is search engine optimization.

Take measures so that websites and created content are displayed at the top of search engines.

It is important to create content that answers the questions of search users in order to be displayed at the top of the targeted keywords.

The search engine is a mechanism that highly evaluates the content that is judged to be useful to the search user and displays it at the top.

Creating content that matches the search keywords that address the concerns of potential customers is the key to making it easier to be displayed at the top.

Listing advertisement

Listing ads are an advertising method that places ads in search engine inventory.

Since you can place advertisements related to search keywords, it has the appeal of being able to target and appeal.

The position of an ad is determined by the “ad quality”, which is evaluated by the click rate, the relevance of keywords and ads, the quality of the landing page, etc., and the “ad rank”, which is the product of the “maximum cost per click”.

Since the maximum cost per click is an auction by “bid”, knowledge is required to calculate the cost.

Ad network advertising

Ad network advertising is an advertising method that collects websites, social media, blogs, etc. to create an advertising distribution network, and distributes advertisements collectively to those media.

You can serve ads to multiple web advertising media, so you don’t have to request each website to place an ad.

Since you can easily deliver advertisements to other media, you can approach a wider range of customers.

Since you can request the posting process from the ad network advertising company in a batch, it will lead to operational efficiency.

SNS advertising
Kyiv, Ukraine – September 5, 2019: A paper cubes collection with printed logos of world-famous social networks and online messengers, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Telegram and others.

SNS advertising is an advertising method that places advertisements on SNS such as Twitter and Facebook.

In SNS, it is necessary to register personal information such as age, affiliation, and gender when using it. The registered contents are converted into data, and advertisements can be delivered by narrowing down the target attributes.

The advantage of SNS advertising is that it is easy to reach the target audience directly.

Retargeting advertising

Retargeting advertising is an advertising method that reaches only users who have visited the site at one time.

You can repeatedly approach people who are wondering or worried about purchasing but did not make a purchase at that time.

You can be cost-effective because you can target your ads to potential users.

Affiliate advertising

Affiliate advertising is an advertising method that places advertisements on web media and e-mail newsletters.

When you convert from an ad, you pay a posting fee.

Affiliate advertising media owners will create web pages that are more likely to be click-converted, and advertisers will be rewarded for success, so it will be a cost-effective advertising method.

However, you should be careful because there is a risk that it will be posted on an unintended site and the brand image will be damaged.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a marketing method that approaches the list of customers owned by the company by email.

In order to achieve results in email marketing, it is important to delve deeply into what kind of emails should be sent and what actions should be encouraged.

Send an appeal email at the right time according to each user’s behavior.

Recommended tools useful for web marketing

Web marketing that requires various specialized knowledge and skills. Here are five useful tools to help you tackle web marketing.

Essential for access analysis “Google Analytics”

Google Analytics is a free access analysis tool provided by Google. There is also a paid version of the access analysis tool, but first of all, there is no problem using the free version. In Google Analytics, the behavior of search users is digitized. The number of visits to the site, the source of the inflow to the site, the type of device of the search user, etc. These data will help you choose your LPO and advertising method.

URL : https://marketingplatform.google.com/intl/ja/about/analytics/

Check page speed “Page Speed Insights”

Page Speed Insight is a tool provided by Google for measuring scores. If the web page is displayed slowly, it will directly lead to the withdrawal of search users. Your website should be both beneficial and comfortable for your search users. Use Page Speed Insight to work on weight reduction measures for web pages and increase the display speed.

URL : https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/

Check the heat map “Ptengine”

Ptengine is an access analysis tool provided by Ptmind Co., Ltd. It is attracting attention because it enables intuitive, easy, and real-time heat map analysis. It also has the same access analysis function as Google Analytics, and it will be useful for LPO and EFO because it can visualize user behavior in an easy-to-understand manner.

URL : https://www.ptengine.jp/