The Best WordPress Tutorial for Beginners

Many people use WordPress to create homepages. This article introduces WordPress to anyone who wants to get started with their home page.

It explains what WordPress is, how it differs from blog services, and the advantages and disadvantages of creating a homepage with WordPress. It also explains how to make a homepage, so please refer to it.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free software that you can use to create your homepage. If you have basic knowledge about HTML etc., you can change advanced settings and arrange them. In addition to personal blogs, you can also create business homepages.

Differences from other blog services

Besides WordPress, there are many blog services. Typical examples are Ameba Blog and FC2 Blog, both of which have a free version and a paid version. Below, we will explain the differences between WordPress and other blog services.

Free version available, no expertise required

Blog services other than WordPress have a free version and a paid version, both of which make it easy to publish articles. There is no need to prepare or set up a server, and you can get a domain for free. Anyone can use it easily without any specialized knowledge such as HTML. However, unlike WordPress, you need to do SEO on your own.

Difficult to customize compared to WordPress

Unlike WordPress, other blog services are difficult to customize. The font size and the font color of the link part cannot be changed freely. Also, you cannot adjust the design or placement of each page. In some cases, you can customize it freely by using the paid version.

The site is deleted when the blog service is stopped

For blog services other than WordPress, when the service is stopped, the homepage you created will be deleted suddenly. While the service operator is performing maintenance, you may not be able to browse the page.

Blog service ads are displayed without permission

In many free blog services other than WordPress, advertisements on the management side are displayed without permission. On commercial homepages, displaying ads can get in the way. Ads can often be removed using the paid version.

There are many restrictions such as banning affiliates

Blog services other than WordPress have many restrictions such as affiliate prohibition, and many services prohibit commercial use. There are rules depending on the service company of each blog, so you need to confirm.

Benefits of creating a homepage with WordPress

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You can get started for free

WordPress is open source software, so anyone can download it for free and get started. It’s free, but you can use features that are only available in the paid version of other blog services.

You can post and edit with simple operations

WordPress allows you to post and edit articles with simple operations. You need to make various basic settings first, but once that is done, operations such as entering characters and pasting images are very easy.

Strong in SEO and easy to earn

WordPress is strong in SEO, so it’s easy to make money. One of the features is that it is easy to be displayed at the top by keyword search. At the beginning of the opening, it is difficult to be displayed at the top, but by enriching the content and increasing the number of articles, it will be possible to gradually display it at the top.

High degree of freedom of customization

WordPress has a high degree of freedom in customization. By using the theme (template), you can freely change the design of the homepage. You can freely add software related to various functions called plug-ins, and you can set calendars, product carts, credit card payments, etc.

You can create a commercial homepage

With WordPress, you can create a commercial homepage. You can also freely paste affiliate ads and place click-type ads. Of course, it is possible to sell products.

Multiple people can manage the homepage

WordPress has a lot of user management functions, and multiple people can manage the homepage. There are five different user privileges: admin, editor, contributor, contributor, and viewer.

Disadvantages of creating a homepage with WordPress

Server and domain acquisition costs are high

To create a homepage with WordPress, you need to acquire a server and a domain, which costs money. There are servers that allow you to easily set up WordPress, but the charges for both the server and domain differ depending on the service company, so you need to confirm before using.

It takes time to open the homepage

WordPress requires time and effort such as initial settings before opening the homepage. With a certain amount of knowledge, the work at the time of introduction is not so difficult. However, it can be difficult for beginners.

It is difficult to raise the search ranking at the beginning of operation

At the beginning of WordPress operation, it is difficult to raise the search ranking. It is necessary to operate for a long time until the search ranking is improved. In the case of other blog services, the blog service itself has been in operation for a long time and is well known, so it is easy to be ranked high in search even in the early stages of operation.

Requires some expertise / skills

Creating a homepage with WordPress requires some expertise and skills. If you have knowledge of HTML etc., you can freely change the layout and create a homepage with high design. Also, if you have knowledge about SEO, you can make detailed settings yourself.

Security measures need to be taken

In WordPress, you need to take security measures. Because WordPress is used worldwide, it is easy to be a target of hacking. By using the plug-in, you can easily take various security measures such as SSL.

No telephone support

In the case of WordPress, there is no telephone support or emergency response, only email support. There are forums where you can ask questions freely, but sometimes the answers are difficult in the first place. Therefore, you may have to investigate the unclear points yourself.

How to make a homepage using WordPress

Prepare the server and domain

When creating a homepage with WordPress, first prepare the server and domain. There are different types of rental servers and domains. It is recommended that the server can perform stable communication even if access is concentrated to some extent. In addition, it is common to include keywords that explain the contents of the homepage in the domain.

Upload WordPress to the server

Once your server and domain are ready, download WordPress. Then use your FTP software to upload WordPress to your server. There are rental servers that allow you to easily set up WordPress, so we recommend using them.

Lollipop’s rental server is recommended because it has a “WordPress easy installation function” that allows you to easily upload WordPress.

Log in from your browser

After uploading WordPress, log in to WordPress from your usual browser. After logging in, the management screen will be displayed and you can start creating the homepage.

Initialize WordPress

After logging in, let’s do the initial settings of WordPress first. You can make various settings on the dashboard. Select themes, plugins, etc., and delete unnecessary functions.

Create an article

After completing the basic settings, let’s create an article. Articles are divided into fixed pages and posts. Fixed pages are generally used to describe the company profile and business details. Posts are so-called blog articles that are displayed in chronological order when published. Enter the title and body, and paste the image if necessary to create the article.

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