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  • August 11, 2021
  • August 13, 2021
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The popularity of YouTube has been attracting attention in recent years, but many people who have only watched videos until now have opened their own youtube channel and started YouTube.

The reason is that various entertainment contents were born on YouTube, and the phenomenon of leaving TV mainly among young people occurred, so more people watched YouTube than TV, so I felt that there was a business opportunity there.

In addition, due to the effect of refraining from going out due to the new coronavirus infection, the number of people watching YouTube has increased explosively because they spend more time at home, so now is the time to attract customers using YouTube even at diving shops. It is.

Therefore, for YouTube beginners, we will introduce how to start YouTube, how to open a channel, what you need for YouTube, and so on.

By reading this article, you can open a YouTube channel and increase your prospects and fans.
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What is YouTube that can be used to attract customers?

YouTube is an online video sharing platform headquartered in the United States, with more than 2 billion monthly users worldwide and a huge amount of videos uploaded at 100 hours per minute.

With so many videos uploaded, it’s becoming more difficult to search on YouTube and view related videos.
However, YouTube that can be used to attract customers does not increase the number of accesses like YouTuber, but increases the fans of diving shops and staff and increases the number of potential customers.

In the first place, uploading a video on YouTube does not cost any money, and if you can make a video at the shop, you can promote it for free.
If even one video hits and the number of views increases, the channel evaluation on YouTube will jump up and the display frequency will also increase.

Here, we will explain how to make videos that lead to attracting customers and why videos are effective in attracting customers.

To connect videos to attract customers

First of all, we have to increase the number of viewers who watch the video.

Even Hatsumi, who happened to watch the video, let’s make a video that conveys the atmosphere of the shop, the charm of the wonderful sea, the fun of diving, etc. by casual interaction of the staff.

If you increase the number of viewers who watch the video in this way, the viewers will turn into prospects and even become fans of the shop.
To do this, narrow down the target so that you can watch the video, and make several videos that are organized so that the content does not blur.

When a set of videos are lined up on a channel, YouTube’s unique rules make it easier for prospective customers and interested people to discover the video, increasing the possibility that it will be seen by many people.

Video is effective for attracting customers

The reason why videos are effective in attracting customers is that all messages cannot be read if only text is used.

It’s easier for many people to watch a video than to read it, as it is said that all the information will eventually be replaced by a video.
Moreover, even if you are a prospective customer who cannot meet frequently in the distance, you can use the video to accurately convey the atmosphere and service of the shop, which will lead to an increase in trust.

Flow until opening YouTube channel

Here, we will explain in four easy-to-understand steps, such as how to open a YouTube channel and detailed settings.

Prepare a Google account

First, if you don’t have a Google account, create one.
You can easily create an account by entering your name, email address, password, phone number, etc. and verifying your identity.
create google account

Open YouTube channel

Before you open a YouTube channel, you need to know that there are two types of YouTube channels:
・ Default channel
・ Brand channel
The default channel is a channel that uses the name registered in your Google account as it is, and the brand channel is a channel that you can use any name you like.

As explained above, there are two types of YouTube channels, but in many cases, you will not use your real name as the channel name as it is, but you will use your favorite name as the channel name, so let’s create a brand channel.

create youtube channel

YouTube channel settings

The channel settings can be set in various ways as you like, but at least this is the one that should be set.

・ Profile image (use the image that matches the branding)
・ Channel summary column (concepts are summarized and not abstractly expressed)
・ Blog and SNS links (so that prospective customers can take the next action)

If you want to increase the number of views on YouTube, you need to make the channel look good, and creating an account is essential.
Use a channel that is close to your branding as a sample, and set it while referring to the channel you are aiming for.

Remove account restrictions

YouTube has the following functions restricted unless you confirm your account by phone number or SMS.

・ Video upload with video time of 15 minutes or more
・ Custom thumbnails (thumbnails made by yourself)
・ Live distribution

To remove the account restrictions, you cannot set from the YouTube app on your smartphone, so you need to use a browser that can display on your computer, such as Google Chrome.

What you need to upload a video to YouTube

After opening and setting the channel, all you have to do is upload the video, but here we will explain what you need to do when making a video.

・ Equipment for shooting videos
・ Software and applications for editing videos
・ Software and applications that create thumbnails

As for the equipment, if you can shoot the video to be uploaded to YouTube, there is no problem with the smartphone camera.

Recent smartphone cameras have improved performance, and they have a lot of functions to take beautiful videos, so even if you don’t buy an expensive camera from the beginning, you only need one smartphone.
It’s not too late to think about buying equipment after you’ve shot a few videos and want to shoot higher quality videos.

For editing the videos and thumbnail images you have taken, free software and apps are sufficient at first.
Let’s use paid software and apps after you want to make more detailed edits

Upload video on youtube

After editing the video you took and creating thumbnails, it’s finally time to upload the video.
Select the video you want to upload, enter the title and description of the video, then press the upload button.
After uploading, click the thumbnail image of the posted video, and if the video can be played properly, the upload is complete.

5 points to effectively attract customers on YouTube

In order to attract customers with YouTube videos, it is important to catch the viewer’s eyes and watch the videos to the end.

Determine the target

By deciding on a target that suits your branding, you can get closer to the viewer’s perspective and increase the number of prospects and fans.
By clarifying the purpose, planning and shooting will proceed smoothly, and it will be a video that is easy to convey and a video that fans will be pleased with.

Devise thumbnails

A thumbnail is an image that shows the content of a video, and is like a product package.
It is said that people watching YouTube look at the thumbnails on the search screen and list screen to decide which video to watch, and thumbnails are important for watching videos.
To increase the number of views on YouTube, you can improve the content of the video or give it a title that has an impact, but it is most effective to create a beautiful thumbnail and make it stand out.
Concisely convey what you are sending in the video so that you can understand what it is sending, and the number of views of the video will change depending on how interesting the viewer is.

Update constantly

You need to keep up with the videos you post on YouTube in order to connect with your prospects and increase their credibility.
The more frequently you update your videos, the more likely you are to get more prospects to watch your videos, so you can expect to get fans on YouTube as well.

Add sharpness

Interesting videos and easy-to-view videos are sharp and often have a good tempo.
As you can see from the popular YouTuber videos, you won’t get tired of watching videos that are sharp and have a good tempo.
Let’s make a sharp video so that you can watch the video to the end.

Share to homepage and SNS

You can paste the URL of SNS such as blogs, homepages, Twitter and Instagram in the basic information and video description fields for customizing YouTube channels.
You can also embed a link to an external site in the middle or the end of a video on YouTube.
Be proactive in posting external links to help prospects and fans take the next action.

In this article, we explained how to start YouTube and how to open a channel for YouTube beginners, but YouTube is free and anyone can use it easily, and even videos taken with one smartphone can be connected to business. It is a service.

The YouTube channel for business is a tool for attracting customers by pasting external links to guide viewers to blogs and homepages and increase the number of potential customers and fans of diving shops.

If you are planning to start YouTube for the purpose of attracting customers, please refer to it and increase the number of potential customers and fans.
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