How to set the best permalink for SEO of WordPress

  • July 23, 2021
  • July 30, 2021
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SEO best permalink for SEO

One of the must-do settings before you start posting articles in WordPress is permalink optimization.

If you don’t do this, the usability of your site will be compromised, and search engines will find it difficult to understand the content of each page and the structure of your site.

Therefore, on this page, we will explain how to set best permalink for SEO

It’s a very important part, so read it carefully and set it firmly.

1. What is a permalink?

If you create a page using the “Post” function or “Fixed page” function in WordPress in the default state immediately after installation, the URL of that page will be a number such as “”. Is displayed as a combination of and symbols.

[? P = 123] part at the end of this URL is called a permalink.

Permalinks with such meaningless combinations of numbers and symbols will have a slight negative impact on the usability and SEO of the site.

So, after installing WordPress, you need to change the permalink first.

Before that, let’s first understand why the default permalinks are not good.

2. Disadvantages of WordPress default permalink

The bottom line is that the default permalinks don’t meet two Google-recommended URL requirements.

Please read the following excerpt from Google.

Keep the URL structure of your site as simple as possible. Classify your content so that you can construct URL in a logical and human-understandable way (using meaningful words instead of IDs when possible).URLstructure

As you can see, the URL is

➡︎ It ’s a simple one that uses meaningful words instead of IDs.
➡︎ And it is something that humans can understand logically.
It is written that the one that meets these two requirements is good. To understand in detail, let’s compare the following two URLs.

The difference will be clear. The former is made up of IDs and the latter is made up of meaningful words. Also, the former cannot logically understand the contents of the page by looking at the URL, but the latter can understand that “this page describes how to use WordPress.”

In other words, there is a problem with the default permalink.

3. What is the best permalink for WordPress?

The best permalinks for WordPress are the following two patterns. name / Article title
(Example name / Article title

Because if you look at the former permalink, you can see that the page is one of the articles in his WordPress category on the site Buzz Club. In other words, both users and search engines can understand how the site is organized.

The latter URL doesn’t have that much functionality.

Therefore, I would like to recommend the former permalink to everyone, but from an operational point of view, there may be disadvantages later.

That’s when you want to change the category structure. With the former permalink, when you change a category, the URL of the article belonging to that category will change. Of course, if the URL changes, the number of social buttons attached to each article will also be reset.

In this way, once the permalink is set, it is difficult to change it later.

Therefore, although the former is desirable in terms of usability and SEO, it is recommended to set the latter permalink that can respond to changes that may occur in the future based on actual operation.

4. WordPress permalink setting method

Now, let’s see how to set up a WordPress permalink.

You can access the permalink setting screen by clicking “Settings ⇨ Permalink settings” from the left side menu of the dashboard.

Check “Custom Structure” and enter [/% postname%] in the input field.
Finally, click Save Changes at the bottom of the page and you’re done. Now you can manually set permalinks when creating articles and pages.

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